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29 September 2012 @ 10:58 pm
I might be resurrecting this journal. Updates might be semi-regular for now, though.

You can also find me here:
(just in case you're not interested in all my rambling at this journal) ^^

and_besides for my fanart, icons & gifs

my tumblr for other artsy stuff

This journal is mostly f-locked, but if you send me a pm or comment here, I'll friend you!

30 March 2014 @ 12:17 am
Ah, it's nice to have an evening to myself.
A. is out RPGing, and I turned down an invitation to watch a Funken.
I'm all for celebrating spring (Gosh, I can't tell you how ready I am for spring), but the prospect of climbing a hill tonight, surrounded by lots of people... mh. Let's say I prefer my cosy flat today.

I've been to the flea market in the morning, looking for some old picture frames. It was sunny and beautiful outside, and I found two quite nicely ornate specimens for a reasonable price.

What else is new? Oh. I've finally seen Thor – The Dark World!

Spoilers under the cutCollapse )

On an unrelated note, I've finally done the last tweaking to my ACD_holmesfest pic and sent it off. Yay! Can't wait for posting to begin! <3
24 March 2014 @ 03:48 pm
I haven't posted here in a year, so I guess this is popping up on flists of people who don't even remember who I am. For those, plus new friends from the ACD meme, here's a short introduction! ;D

My name is Elisabeth/Liz, mid (wait – end!) 20ies, graphic designer (in advertising) for a living, dabbling in illustration for fun on the side.
I recently switched to freelance work and thus have more free time, so I picked up my abandoned Philosophy studies at the lokal Uni again. Expect rants about all of this, maybe.

Living with the long term boyfriend-recently-husband in a small flat in Vienna. No kids, no cats. Lots of plants, though.

I used to have separate accounts for real life stuff and fannish activities, but I don't post enough nowadays to keep that up, so there might be a mix of both here in the future. That's also the reason I'll switch to (something resembling) English permanently here.

I love books (used to work at a bookstore for years) and tv-shows/movies, so expect talk about that, also. I like steampunk and Victorian-aera stories, but I also enjoy some SciFi stuff, like Babylon 5 or Start Trek The Next Generation.

If that's not what you signed up for, that's totally understandable, no hard feelings. <3
Everyone else, hello! Feel free to talk to me about anything, anytime.